YOBIIQ introduces it’s new LoRaWAN Smokedetector.

We are incredibly excited to share with you some big news: our product portfolio is expanding!
After over a year of hard work we are finally ready to introduce our EN14604 certified Smoke Detector with LoRaWAN communication technology.

Dependable whenever you need it, for utmost protection

Fires can spread rapidly, often in less than five minutes filling enclosed spaces with dangerous smoke and noxious gasses. Each moment is critical to raising the alarm and allowing occupants adequate time to safely evacuate.

The YOBIIQ iQ Smoke Detector was specially developed for use in LoRaWAN remote monitoring systems, providing optimal protection.

One of the benefits is that the annual inspection is conducted remotely via LoRaWAN which eliminates the need for an annual on-site appointment.

The iQ Smoke Detector has a 230V mains connection, and a wired interconnect to group smoke detectors together, the back-up battery makes sure that the smoke detector keeps working even if the mains power is shut down.

Mains and Battery Powered

The iQ Smoke detector can be powered by 230V mains, which makes it the ideal detector for drop-in replacements of existing smoke detectors, while connected to 230V mains the iQ Smoke detector operates as a Class C LoRaWAN device.

If the mains power is unavailable, the backup battery will provide the power to the iQ Smoke detector and the device will automatically transform to a Class A LoRaWAN device to preserve the battery operation time.

More information is available on the product page, which you can find here.

The iQ Smoke Detector is available for purchase and delivery starting today.

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