Let’s make your environments smarter.

The best way to predict the smart future is to create it. That’s what we do every day. Locating and building solutions for you, your business, and your smart objectives.

You can view us as a full service provider for Smart Environments. And as a Distributor who also develops products in-house. That might seem unusual. But it means you gain a partner who can offer solutions for almost any requirement.

Why customers choose Yobiiq! 

(and why you should too)


Added value at every step

Gain expertise for every step of your journey. From design to finished product – and beyond (with training for your team).


Best of both worlds partner

Your full service provider for smart environments. Developing and distributing solutions that we test and use ourselves before recommending.


End to end expertise

Work with an all-in-one creator, builder, and problem-solver. Whatever you need, we make it happen.

Our History

Building from the foundations.

We’ve come a long way since 2019, and our days as a Value Added Distributor for Secure Remote Access Solutions. That’s when we faced rising demands from building owners and HVAC installers. They wanted one partner for all their Remote Access requirements. Giving them the technical know how for guiding them from design to deployment.

Our customers also wanted our technical expertise to help them with data acquisition. We started with IoT sensors. But this soon led to us feeling stuck, from a lack of functionality.

That’s when we started developing IoT hardware and software. Such as our LoRaWAN Smoke Detector and LoRaWAN Electricity Meter.


Our approach

Reverse engineering for success.

We view ourselves as a full service provider for Smart Environments, while it might be unusual for a distributor to develop their own products as well; we do it to have the ability to offer a solution for (almost) every imaginable requirement.

Our team consists out of real technies experienced in embedded hardware and software development, always looking for the best means to an end.

From the frontline: Our difference

All products are tested and built by our team. Techies embedded in hardware and software development. This means you always get in-depth support, based on real-world insight. From design to deployment to maintenance.

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Explore our 3 core values

Getting things done

We pride ourselves on thinking about real solutions and bringing them to reality. Often this means creating technology from scratch. Whatever it takes to address your challenges

Agile flexibility

We always go further. Beyond simply creating products for specific use cases. And toward building products that can be combined into perfect solutions for unique situations.

Disruptive solutions

We are driven by collecting and helping you see the true value of data. Your challenge is our next big opportunity to innovate and disrupt IoT.

Make buildings more connected, so others can operate them better.

Where we are now

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Success Stories.

Hear firsthand from our satisfied customers how Yobiqq’ solutions have positively impacted their businesses. Real-world success stories and testimonials illustrate the transformative power of our IoT products.

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