Integrate YOBIIQ Devices into any Building Management System.

Leverage the data from Yobiiq LoRaWAN devices’ sensors by seamlessly integrating them with your Building Management System (BMS), unlocking a wealth of information.

Building Management Systems are in virtually every building.

Regardless of the size or purpose of a building, it will probably have a Building Management System in some way or shape, originally installed by the HVAC Installers.

Most of the Building Management Systems are not very Internet of Things friendly and only communicate or integrate with sector specific protocols or devices.

This usually limits the implements the possibilities to transform a building into a Smart Building by leveraging Internet of Things devices, because it’s almost impossible or expensive to integrate these devices into the Building Management System.

Thanks to our historic relationships with installers and HVAC system integrators, YOBIIQ has a lot of experience with making integrations of new techniques simple. As such LoRaWAN devices from YOBIIQ are easily integrateable into Building Management Systems.

It's all about the Protocols

Integrating LoRaWAN devices with Building Management Systems (BMS) is a straightforward process. On-site, a LoRaWAN gateway equipped with an internal LoRaWAN Network Server is required. This gateway enables the BMS system to exchange data with end-devices via various protocols, including BACnet, Modbus, MQTT, OPC-UA, and KNX.

YOBIIQ provides a transparent and extensively documented communication protocol, along with payload decoders and practical tools, to facilitate seamless integration for system integrators and ensure effortless data exchange between end-devices.

Make buildings more connected, so others can operate them better.

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frequently asked questions

It’s possible to send commands to end-devices from the Building Management System (BMS) depending on the integration protocol used, and the features of the BMS.

Yes, you can still send the data from your devices to a visualization platform or application server.

Security is a top priority at Yobiiq. Our solutions include advanced encryption and secure communication features to protect your data and ensure the integrity of your building systems.