Industrial Dinrail Switch .

Full Ethernet Industrial Ethernet Switch

The Yobiiq IDS switches are available with 8 or 16 ports, with or without PoE. Compatible with 10/100/1000Mbps rate, a -40°C~85°C operating temperature window, compact size and a IP40 ingress protected all metal case.

Dual Power Redundant Design

The Yobiiq IDS switches have redundancy in the power supply to ensure uptime. There is one main power supply as well as a backup in case the main power supply fails.

In case there is a power failure, it will not impact the switch or its ability to function.

Additionally, the power supplies can handle a wide range of voltages from 12 to 52 volts DC. This provides flexibility in the power source that can be used. An important safety feature is also included – reverse polarity protection.
Even if the power cables become mixed up and a reverse connection occurs, it will not damage the equipment. The protection mechanism prevents harm from an incorrect wiring situation.

With redundant power and a wide voltage range supported, this setup aims to maximize reliability and uptime for your environments.

The addition of reverse connection protection helps prevent costly damages from accidental mistakes or wiring errors.

The design prioritizes keeping operations running smoothly without impact.

Reliable ethernet switching on several protocols

The YOBIIQ IDS Series supports a wide range of ethernet protocols, such as 10Base-T, 100Base-TX and 100BaseFx, 1000Base-X and 1000Base-T it also supports flow control which allows to connect even the most aged equipment in your network without any issues.

Level 3 Surge / EFT Protection

Our IDS Series has an Surge / EFT protection to ensure that the device is not damaged when there is an instantaneous large current (like a lightning strike or power switching) in the power line.

Level 3 ESD Protection

Our IDS Series has ESD protection to prevent any electrostatic damage to the device. Things like dust can build up a static charge damaging the sensitive internal components.