iQ Core Platform.

Easy to use, Powerful device management and lorawan network server cloud application.

Lorawan network server and iot device management in one place

The iQ Core platform provides a robust cloud solution that gives end-users robust remote provisioning and management capabilities for their deployed Gateways and IoT Devices. Through a secure connection, users can efficiently and securely provision their Gateways and Devices for access to the LoRaWAN® network. The server acts as a trusted intermediary, safely transporting data from the Gateways to the appropriate application servers and databases.

What do you get out of the iQ Core Platform?

Simplify Device Management.

In today’s dynamic Internet of Things (IoT) environment, managing numerous connected devices can be challenging. This is where the iQ Core Platform provides value. It streamlines the process through tools to track, monitor, control, administer, secure and maintain IoT endpoints.

This IoT device management solution delivers holistic visibility of device operational status, data usage, and other metrics.

Fundamentally, it acts as a control hub for all connected assets, helping to ensure smooth and secure functionality.

YOBIIQ has introduced it’s iQ Core Platform to simplify and strengthen connectivity management.

iQ Core Platform overview of connected devices.

What is Device Management?

IoT device management refers to controlling all aspects of a connected device from a centralized location. This includes devices such as sensors, meters and other IoT Devices.
The features supported by iQ Core include registration and provisioning, inventory control, remote configuration, and in some cases firmware upgrades.

Collecting location and usage data from managed IoT devices is an essential part of device management. This data is then analyzed for purposes of maintenance, repair, optimization, or replacement in a visualization platform like Yobi Cloud. Effective cost management becomes increasingly important as more IoT devices are integrated into mission-critical processes.

Yobiiq’s iQ Core Platform makes it easy to perform tasks related to the setup, configuration, and maintenance of these devices. These tasks include device setup, administration and monitoring of device fleets, and managing the device throughout its lifecycle.

Streamline Operations with iQ Core

The iQ Core Platform provides easy to use instruments to monitor device state like connectivity status, packet losses and battery level.
The metrics can be used to trigger alerts and notifications in case of abnormal behaviour, device failure or other configured events.
The iQ Core Platform has a built-in connection to a LoRaWAN Network Server but is can also supports other industrt standard communication protocols like MQTT, HTTP, OPC-UA, Modbus, etc. 

Add / Remove Devices

Track your assets

Enhanced Security

Trigger Alerts and Notifications