YOBI Cloud.

Our Low Code IoT Platform to manage, visualise, alert and report data from all your IoT Devices.
Explore understandable, data driven dashboards and make decisions to help optimise your operations.

Leveraging Data Through Effective Visualization and Process Automation

While collecting data has become straightforward, truly capitalizing on that data remains a challenge without the appropriate visualization tools and automated processes.

Merely amassing a trove of information yields little benefit unless that data can be effectively displayed and analyzed through dynamic dashboards.
Similarly, the potential insights within the data will go unrealized if there are no automatic processes that continuously evaluate the data and trigger meaningful actions.

Only by implementing intuitive dashboard interfaces and rules-driven automation can organizations leverage the full potential of the data they have worked to accumulate. With the right technology solutions in place, data collection is just the beginning of a continuous cycle of discovery that drives effective decision-making and strategic advantage.

(Near) Real Time insights

YOBI Cloud’s data dashboards provide near real time visibility into key performance metrics for connected assets and operations. Customers can monitor these indicators online to proactively respond to critical situations as they happen and take preventative steps against potential issues. This helps ensure smooth processes, minimal downtime, and optimal device performance. 

Cost Savings

Through monitoring energy consumption and device performance metrics, through YOBI Cloud’s data dashboards organizations can optimize operational efficiency and decrease costs. By comparing the (near) real time data with historical data, stakeholders can identify new opportunities for growth and development.

Data Driven Decisions

YOBI Cloud’s data dashboards provide businesses with a platform to make informed, data-driven decisions by consolidating and evaluating insights from multiple data streams. These centralized monitoring solutions integrate operational data collected from sensor-enabled products and operational systems, presenting the aggregated findings in an easy-to-interpret visual format.

HOME to all our solutions

All the solutions presented on our website, and solutions that we have implemented for our distributors, value added resellers and enterprise customers are built using the YOBI Cloud.

Our standard dashboards, automation rules, and alert triggers are based on years of practical experience giving you the advantage of leveraging from this experience.

Obviously you can also modify the dashboards, automation rules and alert triggers as you see fit and if you don’t feel happy doing it yourself you can rely on our development team or partners to customize a solution based on your specific requirements and wishes.

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