LoRaWAN Gateways.

At Yobiiq, we deliver best-in-class lorawan gateways to create the best-in-class lorawan network.

We offer the largest and most comprehensive portfolio of LoRaWAN Gateway

LoRaWAN Gateways are an essential bridge linking IoT sensors to the network infrastructure. Functioning as hardware hubs, they facilitate the bidirectional exchange of data.

The LoRaWAN-based gateway plays a pivotal role in the IoT ecosystem by collecting and transmitting information to the cloud platform.

A high-quality gateway can strengthen the overall security of your LoRaWAN network.

practical experience

Yobiiq has several years of experience in maintaining and designing Private LoRaWAN networks.

Within these years we have gain first hand experience as to what the key requirements for a good LoRaWAN Gateway are.

One thing you should always remember, especially in todays global marketplace is that a reliable gateway probably is not the cheapest solution looking at it’s purchase price; but buying the right gateway from the start will certainly save you money in the long run.

So we always try to look at cost effectiveness when it comes to offering a LoRaWAN Gateway.

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frequently asked questions

In a LoRaWAN network, the Gateway acts as the communication bridge between LoRaWAN devices and the LoRaWAN Network Server. It receives data sent by devices and forwards it to the Server for processing and management. Similarly, data from the Server is sent back to the devices through the Gateway. As the crucial link, the Gateway facilitates communication between devices and the network, enabling efficient and reliable transmission of information.

The coverage area of a LoRaWAN gateway is by far the most asked question, and a lot of wrong statements or interpretations are done about it.

The simple fact is, it’s a radio signal so it depends on various factors, such as the output power, antenna gain, gateway and device placement and environmental conditions.
Typically, a LoRaWAN gateway can cover up to 2 to 20 kilometers in open spaces.

However, in urban/highly populated environments or areas with obstacles, the range is likely to be reduced. It’s essential to do a proper site survey to determine the optimal placement of gateways for the desired coverage.

The amount of gateways you might need for a project depends on factors like coverage requirements, device density, and environmental conditions.

So without doing a proper site survey, where you also consider factors such as surrounding buildings, obstacles and general topography of the surroundings will help in determining the optimal gateway placement and as such also the amount of gateways required.

There are LoRaWAN network planning tools to simulate coverage and estimate the number of gateways needed based on your project’s specific requirements.