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Reduce costs through smart restroom sensor technology - a sensor driven IoT Smart solution that facilitates the improvement of restroom experience, through monitoring, management of resources, air quality, consumables, cleanliness, restroom usage and user satisfaction.

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Restrooms are one of the highly trafficked, but least understood areas of any building. People visit the restroom on average three to four times per day, touching surfaces and using consumables.
In public restrooms the restroom attendants are gone, and this lack of visibility into restroom conditions can quickly lead to poor user experiences.

Imagine a restroom with adequately stocked soap, sanitizer, toilet tissues, and paper towels; fully functioning sinks, toilets and urinals; clean and sanitized counters, handles and floors.

Such a clean, well-maintained restroom is critical to a positive user experience; if you operate a commercial environment it will also drive the user to spend more money within your establishments.

Yobiiq will guide you in the transitioning from a traditional restroom to a smart restroom. We will take care of everything from assessment to integration; either from standard templates or customised to your business needs.

Installation of the IoT sensors can be performed by your own technicians or by on of our partners.

By combining near real-time data with historical overviews you can understand the long-term usage patterns and predict how consumables are being used within the restroom leading to an improved customer satisfaction and overall operational efficiency which ultimately leads to a reduction in costs.

Waste Bin Levels

Identify when a bin is near or at capacity.


Manage levels of soap, tissues, and other consumables.


Measure temperature, VOC's and detect smells.

One-stop Smart Restroom.

Our Smart Restroom Solution comes equipped with diverse sensors and devices and it enables you to make any restroom a  smart modern restroom. Who can turn down a clean, fully functional, manageable and safe restroom with a great user experience? Integrated with our IoT platform will provide a truly smart solution.

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Introduce data driven cleaning management

Utilizing smart people counters in toilets helps adjust the sanitation staff work schedule in accordance with the occupancy trends. The occupancy counter counts the amount of people entering and leaving the area. By gathering accurate data you can view the traffic per hour, day, week or month and allows planning of sanitation staff more accurately.

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