Identify inefficiencies and take charge of energy generation and consumption

Yobiiq provides solutions based on the needs of customers, from overall complete concepts to delivery of products and services.

No matter the utility; electricity, water, gas, heat or cooling.
We have a metering solution that allows you to measure and understand the generation, distribution and consumption of energy.

We collaborate with leading manufacturers and providers, and if needed we develop our own devices to ensure that the experience of our service is the best possible.

Power of partnerships

Measuring is the first step in a full cycle.

Measuring the consumption of energy, the quality of the power and other relevant data, and making very cool dashboards is just the beginning.

Measuring alone is never a means to an end, you require specific knowledge on how to interpretate the measurements and take appropriate actions.

This is why Yobiiq Smart Energy products and solutions are usually part of a more diverse package offered by energy specialists.
The combined power of these partnerships help you realize the full potential of our Smart Energy Solutions!

Data Collections

We collect data from almost any type of existing meter.
By utilizing Infrared or Serial communication directly to the meter.

Ultrasonic Flowmeters

We have several choices of Ultrasonic Flowmeters for Gas or water available in our portfolio.

Energy Meter

We developed the Yobiiq EM series Electricity Meter.
Available as Direct Connected or with Current transformers.

Power Grids

Identify locations of energy loss or where energy demand is higher than network capacity, by creating a network of meters.

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